Some of the Bristol Mod Scooter Club members on the Bristol Downs

Bristol Mod Scooter Club is an active club of "Classic Scooter" enthusiasts who mostly own, ride, and 'repair' Lambretta and Vespa scooters, some of which reflect the MOD era of the sixties.

Click here to see a photo of the Bristol Mod Scooter Club display at the Bristol Bike and Scooter Show on Saturday 16th August 2003

Members and guests regularly meet up at the on the second Sunday of each month. The times and meeting places vary depending on the time of year, so please check the current meeting times and venues on the 'Forums' page of the website. We sometimes go for a local 'cruise' depending on weather etc., eventually finishing up at another "Scooter-friendly" pub. During the summer months we also have other daytime or evening events so please keep a close watch on the "Forums" page for the 'latest' information.